All teaching materials are offered in English and in Spanish!
Todos los materiales de enseñanza se ofrecen en Inglés y en Español!

Module description

The course is offered at undergraduate level and introduces the basic tenets of work and health, and occupational medicine.

A broad framework to recognize, diagnose and manage a variety of work-related health problems is outlined. In addition, this course focuses on promoting and maintaining the health and work ability of the worker and the working society.

Course aims

The aims of this joint developed European module are:

  • to provide undergraduate students in medicine and health sciences with sufficient knowledge and appropriate skills and attitudes in dealing with work-related issues to allow them to function effectively as health professionals in an evolving society and in a changing world of work.
  • to inform and make students enthusiastic about the specialism and field of occupational medicine and encourage them to consider occupational medicine as a career.
  • to harmonise and standardise occupational medicine teaching throughout the EU, particularly in countries where no undergraduate programme exists.

Learning outcomes

The objectives are that by the end of this undergraduate course students are able to:

  • understand the relevance of work and the wider environment to health and disease (Knowledge)
  • understand the impact of health and disease on participation in daily life and work (Knowledge)
  • take an occupational history (Skills)
  • describe the outline structure and the role of occupational health services and occupational physicians (Knowledge)
  • appreciate the different perspectives required by the occupational health approach (Attitudes)
  • access further resources and know where to look for specialist help (Knowledge, skills)
  • dispense appropriate advice to their patients about disability, workplace adjustment and rehabilitation back to the workplace (Knowledge, skills)
  • accept their responsibility towards preventing and reporting occupational ill-health and the promotion of health at work (Attitudes)
  • have insight in the legal aspects and manage the ethical problems of work-related issues (Knowledge, skills)

Course format

5 days taught course with both theoretical and practical components. Traditional and self-directed, web-based learning materials are included.

Target audience

At short term: medical undergraduate students across Europe.

At long term: all professionals involved in health care such as general practitioners, clinical specialists, nurses, who want a broader appreciation of how their role interfaces with other professions over health issues in the workplace.


Self-assessment exercises including feedback and assignments will be provided and explained in separate handouts.

Assignments will be graded on the basis of their content, organization, and quality of writing.


Although this course comprises a 5-day taught programme consisting of lectures, powerpoint slides and exercises with a student workload of 84 hours (comparable to 3 ECTS), EMUTOM does not provide accreditation.

To obtain education credits or a certificate the module needs to be implemented as a part of your regular (medical) curriculum.

Course topics

The course will cover the following topics : basic principles, impact of work on health, effect of health on work, and health promotion.