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EMUTOM Project

EMUTOM Progress Report
Curriculum development EMUTOM

EMUTOM Final Report
Curriculum development EMUTOM

ICOH 2012 poster
What every doctor should know

ICOH 2012 poster

German Introduction to the EMUTOM Project
EMUTOM : ein europäisches Ausbildungsmodul für die Grundlagen der Arbeitsmedizin

EMUTOM Conference

Final conference announcement
Romania, September 24th, 2012

The EMUTOM Project
Braeckman et al., Ghent University

Inventory of undergraduate curricula in occupational medicine in European countries
Gehanno et al., EMUTOM

Blended learning of occupational medicine – Local, national or international?
Radon, Center for International Health / Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

What every doctor should know about work and health.
Smits et al., EMUTOM

Evidence based approach of ICT use in higher education
Vanderlinde, Ghent University

Conference proceedings
Final conference report