How to use?

Before reading this how to section

This module was designed with the intention to be an interactive educational tool and a resource for both teachers and students. It is delivered to be used by teachers as a 5-day taught programme consisting of lectures, powerpoint slides and exercises with a student workload of 84 hours. Nevertheless, a student who wishes to study independently can use it as a self-guided course.

The course was written for undergraduate level students unfamiliar with work and health issues. Like any other university course it assumes a certain level of background education. In this case, some understanding of the basic sciences, physiology and anatomy will be assumed. You will need access to internet but no further special software or equipment are required.

Although it can be approached in discrete sections, we encourage students to go systematically through the whole module starting with the General introduction and continue with the consecutive chapters. We suggest that students allow a couple of hours to study the material available for each unit, with additional time required to do the suggested exercises and activities.

To make the most effective use of this course, we recommend that you consult the syllabus and perform the following steps:

  1. Read the title, learning objectives, text, and key points in each chapter.
  2. Complete the self-assessment exercises at the end of each chapter
    and check your answers.
  3. Complete and submit your assignments.
After reading this how to section

While this module stands on its own and does not require additional materials, the teacher and the interested student may choose to enhance what is available here with additional study materials (See Useful links - Other resources).

Important note!
To obtain education credits or a certificate the module needs to be implemented as a part of your regular (medical) curriculum.